Seamless Solution For Underground Installation

L2 Line Layer

L2 Line Layer

for irrigation and cable installation


Compact yet powerful machine specifically designed for

efficient and precise installation of underground lines


Additional Attachments

Boring Package for Additional Versatility

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Trenchless Technology for Underground Line Installation

The L2 Line Layer utilizes a unique, trenchless, reciprocating motion similar to an industrial sewing machine. Unlike other vibrartory plows and trenchers, the precision cutting blade produces a barely visible slit in the ground while simultaneously burying the desired lines, pipes, or cables for seamless underground line installation.

n  About Line-Ward

Since 1972, Line-Ward has hand-crafted the highest quality Line Layers and boring equipment for underground cable and pipe line installation. All Line-Ward equipment is based on original design patents held by its founders.

i  Blade Options

Line-Ward offers a wide variety of quality, hard-surfaced blades and will assist you in selecting the proper blade choice for your specific application needs.

k  Accessories

Line-Ward provides boring attachments, reel and transport carriers, loading ramps and more to fulfill all of your equipment needs for your line laying project.

m  L2 Advantages

Line-Ward's L2 is the most compact, most maneuverable, most powerful walk behind lawn plow on the market. With tighter turns, more consistent burial depths and many more advantages, the Line-Ward L2 Line Layer comes out ahead of Ditch Witch and Vermeer plows.